Community-Based Homes

Our community-based homes and intermediate care facilities give people the opportunity to live in the kind of place they want to call home.

Welcome home

At Bethesda, we help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities make a home for themselves around the country. Our community-based living options provide the people we support the opportunity to engage with their neighbors, find local employment, volunteer in the community or participate in activities located in and around their immediate area.

Bethesda group homes

When a person chooses to live in one of Bethesda’s community-based group homes, they join a small group of other housemates. They can decorate their rooms to their personal tastes and preferences, and they have the opportunity to determine with whom they want to live. With access to 24-hour support from our direct support professionals, we work one-on-one with the people we support.

Bethesda intermediate care facilities

Our Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF/ID) are similar to our group homes. They are designed to support individuals that require more frequent and comprehensive round-the-clock support and care. Each facility functions and feels like a true home to the people we support.

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Discover yourself by supporting others

We're always looking for passionate individuals to join our team of support professionals.


For more information about our community-based group homes and intermediate care facilities, contact us.