Bethesda in Oregon

In Oregon, we offer homes to people with developmental disabilities in and around Portland. Surrounded by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, people we support in Oregon make use of Portland’s robust public transportation system to enjoy easy access to everything from concerts and community events to parks.

We also offer a wide range of intermittent supports to those with developmental disabilities, including supported living, day programs and employment supports.

We are truly blessed by the ongoing support and dedication of our Auxiliary members and advocacy partners in Oregon. Our Auxiliary is very active on behalf of the people we support—regularly hosting Bible studies and raising funds to advance our mission. In addition, a group of people we support have come together as AIM, a group advocating on behalf of all people with developmental disabilities.

How can I get involved?

You can get involved or give a gift that helps us fulfill our mission—whether it’s volunteering at for our community-based programs, starting a disability ministry, or becoming an advocate for the people with disabilities. You can help Bethesda change lives and connect communities in Oregon.

Discover yourself by supporting others