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Connecting People of All Abilities

When you take time to volunteer with Bethesda, you have the opportunity to make a lasting connection with people we support, empowering them to live their best life. Plus, we’re confident it will make a meaningful difference in your life, too!

We welcome people of all ages to get involved, and there are options to fit any schedule or area of interest. Better yet, pull together a group! Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Faith Supports
  • Prayer and Postage Program
  • Bethesda Auxiliary Participation
  • Thrift Store Support
  • Making Quilts
  • Work in our Gardens
  • General Support

Meet our Volunteers

We’re fortunate to have a volunteer corps of more than 3,000 people who regularly dedicate their time, talent and resources to Bethesda. This is crucial because it helps offset costs and allows us to put donations to work for programs benefiting adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Without your kindhearted efforts, we would not be able to carry out our mission. Here are a few stories of our volunteers that we hope will inspire you.

Illinois Volunteer

The seventh-grade class at Our Savior Lutheran School Springfield, IL, participates in a year-long series of service projects. This includes birthday presents for people Bethesda supports in Central Illinois, which is also made possible by a Thrivent Action Grant. (Teacher LaJean Harkins stands behind a few of the presents.) Another project consisted of a "video pals" project, in which students introduced themselves, sang and acted in skits of Bible stories.

Indiana Volunteer 1 Indiana Volunteer 2

Volunteers from Zion Lutheran Church & School spent a beautiful summer day sprucing up landscaping at a Bethesda home in Indiana.

Texas Volunteer

Mary Buddenberg and her team, in partnership with the Bethesda Auxiliary, assemble and distribute birthday boxes for people we support in Cypress, Texas. Each birthday box includes cake mix, frosting, plates, napkins, a birthday card and even a small gift. The boxes have been well received.

Colorado Volunteer

Sue Hart, one of our Ministry Consultants, creates prayer cloths for the people we support, and helps others do the same, continuing a tradition she started with her late mother, Wilna Ashby. Bethesda Auxiliary members and friends nationwide have been inspired to start making cloths to keep up with the ongoing demand.

Sue, along with Gordon Herrmann, members of Rock of Ages Lutheran Church and the Bethesda Auxiliary in Colorado, have also crafted homemade gathering quilts for more than a decade.

Wisconsin Volunteer

Pastor Thomas Wilsmann from St. John Lutheran Church in Waterloo, Wisconsin, began volunteering at our Watertown campus by assisting with Bible studies and services for people we support. When the campus closed, he continued his services by making weekly home visits, where he sings with the people we support, teaches them about our Savior, and prays with them.

Pastor Wilsmann has also engaged the grade school affiliated with the church. For the past couple of years, St. John’s students and their families have gathered Giving Tree gifts and personally delivered them to Bethesda homes in the Waterloo area.

Become a Volunteer

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Looking for more information? Email for details about how you or your group can help people we support, and email Karen at for more information about the Bethesda Auxiliary.


Become a Volunteer

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