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If your heart is big enough, your home will be, too.

Bethesda is a Christian organization that provides homes and other services to people with developmental disabilities to help them live the lives they want.

Be a Shared Living Provider

There are people in your neighborhood who are waiting for someone to open their heart and home to them. Or, perhaps you’d like to continue to care for a family member at home. With Bethesda, families and providers have options.

Match With a Home

Finding a loving, long-term home for your family member is the key to their future, and your peace of mind. Our matching process helps ensure the good fit that leads to a long-lasting relationship. Learn where our homes are located, and what services we offer.

About Bethesda

Shared Living is one more way Bethesda provides homes for people with developmental disabilities across the United States. The connections we create through Shared Living homes support people on their journey and help them live the best life possible.
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Become a Provider

As a Christian organization that provides homes so people with developmental disabilities can live the lives they want, Bethesda is seeking providers who want to live out a higher calling to care for others.
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Making a Match

A successful match aims to meet the needs of both the person seeking a home, and the provider. Our process takes into account many factors, helping ensure a comfortable fit that’s so close to a loving family you won’t be able to tell the difference.
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