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Host Home Providers

“We don’t have anything separate. He’s one of the family.”

Bayo Orekoya

Bethesda host home provider - Littleton, Colorado


If your heart is big enough, your home will be, too.

Host Home providers share a special connection with the people they support. In response to the calling of their hearts, they embrace a new friend as a member of their family, welcoming him or her into their homes and lives.

Each situation is different, and we respect and honor each person, each family and each Host Home provider in the matching process. We work closely with Host Home providers and families of people seeking to place their loved one in a Host Home to ensure a supportive, family-like setting.

Together, we look at the needs and personality of the person seeking a home, the size of the home, its accessibility, the size and makeup of the Host Home family, the family’s schedule and other variables that influence the quality of life for everyone.

As independent contractors, Host Home providers work with Bethesda for training, oversight and support both for themselves and for the person they support. Host Home providers earn a professional, tax-free wage for their commitment and quality of care. They enjoy working from home, experiencing companionship and often, responding to a call of faith.

It’s a rewarding process. A strong match means everyone experiences the joy and hope that springs from shared life and a heart of service.

Interested in becoming a Host Home provider? Let’s chat!

Support for Host Home providers

As an experienced partner in the care and support of people with developmental disabilities, Bethesda qualifies, trains and supports Host Home providers throughout their journey.

Qualifying providers

Quality characterizes all of Bethesda’s services. We have a low turnover rate among our Host Home providers because they share our high standards and appreciate our mission to enhance the lives of people with disabilities through services that share the good news of Jesus Christ.

In addition to sharing those values, our Host Home providers meet key criteria, including:

  • Have a sincere interest in helping people achieve personal goals
  • Have a flexible schedule
  • Are willing to make a long-term commitment
  • Have good references
  • Are age 21 or older
  • Pass a background check
  • Pass a home inspection
  • Possess good verbal, reading and written communication in English, basic math skills and basic computer skills
  • Carry and maintain a valid driver’s license and a clear driving record
  • Carry and maintain current homeowner’s or renter’s and vehicle insurance
  • Carry and maintain medical liability insurance

Previous experience in working with people with developmental disabilities is a plus, but not required. Bethesda providers are independent contractors, not employees, of Bethesda.

Training providers

Initial and ongoing training allows Bethesda’s Host Home providers to capably and confidently care for a person with developmental disabilities.

Our training includes:

  • An initial overview, with specific important information about care for people with developmental disabilities, providing spiritual support, administrative procedures and expectations, in several sessions that total 12 to 14 hours. The sessions are held online and in person
  • Setting up and maintaining a safe home environment
  • Documenting and reporting care processes, results and unusual events
  • Using email to communicate with Bethesda
  • Healthcare basics, including CPR, first aid and medication administration
  • Assisting with budgeting and financial management for the person you support
  • Understanding the rights of the person you support


Supporting providers

Bethesda’s Host Home providers earn a professional, tax-free wage. We support them from a local, regional office, where they can access expert help.

Specifically, we:

  • Carefully match people with the right home, so that both the person and the provider are a good fit – in every way.
  • Involve the provider and the family of the person we support in making the final choice together – much like an adoption match.
  • Connect Host Home providers to other Bethesda services including faith supports, nursing support, respite care and day programs, as well as suggest local support groups, transportation options, respite care and other helpful resources.


Local Homes

We are expanding our network of Host Homes across the United States.

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