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“Our family has had a wonderful experience as a Host Home provider for Charlie. Charlie has opened up and become much more independent and outgoing than he was in his prior group home setting. He loves playing with our three kids, listening to rock and roll, blowing bubbles, and playing with fire trucks. He also loves to go with our family to concerts, festivals, movies, shopping and restaurants.

Becoming a Host Home provider has allowed me to stay home with our kids, and I have treasured this extra time with them. It has taught our kids about serving others, and they adore Charlie. They are eager to take turns holding his hand when we are out in the community or lending him a hand. Our family’s time with Charlie has been fun, educational and priceless.”

Justin and Nicole Rogers

Bethesda Host Home Providers, Colorado

If your heart is big enough, your home will be, too.

Are you looking for an opportunity to respond to the calling of your heart to serve others? Does the idea of providing companionship, help and care to a person with developmental disabilities tap a faith passion deep within you? Would you welcome a chance to work from home and earn a professional, tax-free wage?

As a Christian organization that provides homes so that people with developmental disabilities can live the lives they want, Bethesda seeks people whose hearts prompt them to open their homes to others.

Shared Living provider options

Our Shared Living program matches families who want quality care for their loved ones with the best homes for their needs, whether that’s a Host Home or their own home as a Family Caregiver.

As a Host Home provider, you:

  • Welcome a person with intellectual and developmental disabilities into your home, family and life, and complete your calling to help others.
  • Earn a professional, reliable, tax-free wage from home.
  • Engage the person you support in the tasks of daily living, by providing transportation, through participation in family outings and activities, through health and personal care support, and by inclusion in your life, neighborhood, church and family.
  • Open the pathway to independence, hope, love and lasting friendship for the person you support, and enlarge your family’s understanding of those attributes, too.

If you are considering opening your home to a person with developmental disabilities to whom you are not related, we’d love to hear from you.


As a Family Caregiver, you:

  • Care for a family member in your own home, often continuing a parent-child relationship, or inviting another relative to live in your home.
  • Continue the loving relationship you have always known with the person you support, now with the partnership of Bethesda to support your journey.
  • Experience peace of heart and mind that your loved one is safe, secure and still very much part of the family.
  • Receive a reliable, tax-free wage for providing the kind of loving care only you can give.
  • Learn more about supporting people with developmental disabilities, and broaden your family’s understanding of those attributes, too.

If you would like to care for a family member in your home, learn how we can help.


Local homes

Bethesda is growing our network of Shared Living Homes across the United States.

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