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“People wondered if having Jeffrey in our home would last six months. That first year did have its challenges, but during the second year we knew Jeffrey was going to be with us forever. He lived a wonderful life with us for 18 and ½ years. My husband and I did not know the impact he would have on our life. Friends would say Jeffrey was lucky to have us. I could tell them now, we were the lucky ones.”

Lily Freeman

Bethesda Host Home Provider, Colorado


Shared Living is one way Bethesda provides homes and other services to people with developmental disabilities to help them live the lives they want. As a Christian organization, we are committed to working together to make the best life possible for the people we support. Shared Living providers who respond to the higher calling of their hearts are key in helping us meet that aim.


At Bethesda, we’re focused on:



High standards characterize our program. With a reputation for excellence in all our services, Bethesda carefully vets our providers to ensure they are living out our promise to deliver quality care to every person we support.


Christian faith is the heart of what we do. Our mission is to enhance the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities through services that share the good news of Jesus Christ.


No one can serve alone. We support our providers as they get started on a journey with us, and we continue that support with every step along the way.


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Our Shared Living options include:


Host Homes

Invite a person with intellectual or developmental disabilities to live with you and share life with you, while you earn a professional wage.

Family Caregiver Homes

Care for your loved one in your home, be supported and receive a professional wage.


Local Homes

Bethesda is growing our network of Shared Living Homes across the United States.

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