Host Homes

Bethesda helps families open their hearts and homes to people with developmental disabilities.

If your heart is big enough, your home will be, too.

Bethesda’s shared living services match people with intellectual and developmental disabilities directly with people looking for an opportunity to welcome them into their homes, lives and families. Living in a host home gives the people we support the benefits of living on their own, but in a supportive, family-like setting.

Our host home providers assist the person they support with their daily tasks and decisions, including: shopping, personal care, health management, transportation and community involvement.

As a Host Home provider, you:

  • Welcome a person with intellectual and developmental disabilities into your home, family and life, and complete your calling to help others.
  • Earn a professional, reliable, tax-free wage from home.
  • Engage the person you support in the tasks of daily living, by providing transportation, through participation in family outings and activities, through health and personal care support, and by inclusion in your life, neighborhood, church and family.
  • Open the pathway to independence, hope, love and lasting friendship for the person you support, and enlarge your family’s understanding of those attributes, too.

If you are considering opening your home to a person with developmental disabilities to whom you are not related, we’d love to hear from you.

Start making room

People in your neighborhood are waiting for someone to open their heart and home to them.  With Bethesda, families and providers have options.