Family Caregiver

Family caregiver programs allow people with developmental disabilities to receive 24-hour support from their family members in their home.

Support in a place of your choice with a person you choose

Bethesda serves as a resource and ally to the people we support who wish to remain at home with their families and receive day-to-day supports from a parent, sibling or relative in a familiar setting. We work closely with each family to ensure they have the knowledge, skills and resources necessary to support to their loved one at home.

Our family caregiver supports are currently available in Colorado, Kansas and Missouri. Families that choose this service have access to all of Bethesda’s person-centered supports and resources. Working closely with each family, we create a support plan that helps keep families together and provides a fulfilling and enriching life at home. Bethesda offers the following resources and supports to families both in and outside the home:

  • Additional in-home or out-of-home support from a Bethesda direct support professional.
  • Paid in-home or out-of-home family support programs that enable qualified family caregivers to function as a direct support professional.
  • Access to additional out-of-home day programs, faith supports and employment programs.


For more information about Bethesda’s family caregiver supports in Colorado, Kansas and Missouri, contact us.