Bethesda College

A Place for You to Grow

Bethesda College of Applied Learning is a unique and exciting, two-year postsecondary certificate program designed to meet the higher education goals of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Located on the campus of Concordia University Wisconsin, students enrolled in Bethesda College live on campus in integrated residence halls and learn from a curriculum that centers on formal instruction in four areas:

  • Academics
  • Career preparation
  • Adult living skills
  • Campus/community life

Combining a liberal arts focus with skills development coursework, Bethesda College’s curriculum is a blended model designed to help students grow intellectually, vocationally, socially, personally and spiritually.

Bethesda College’s faculty and student instructors are always available to support each student and help them get the most from their college experience – in the classroom and the community.

Congratulations Bethesda College Class of 2018!

Bethesda College Graduates

Students and families interested in learning more about Bethesda College can take a tour of the campus and meet current students and faculty. For more information, contact Kristine Leonard, Senior Director of Transition Services and Director of Bethesda College at 920-262-6529Phone Icon or

Want to support life-changing programs like Bethesda College?

Over the past two years, these students with developmental disabilities have lived on campus, taken classes with students with and without disabilities, got involved in groups and clubs, held internships, made connections with professors and made friendships with fellow CUW students.

They couldn't have done so without the generous support of Bethesda's donors. Your gift could change the life of a Bethesda College student.

Partnership with Concordia

Bethesda College is the result of a partnership between Bethesda, a LCMS Recognized Service Organization serving people with developmental disabilities at programs across the United States, and Concordia University Wisconsin (CUW), an LCMS an higher education organization.

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