We provide an array of services that include homes, day programs, employment supports, faith supports, camps and educational supports to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Together, the best life is possible.

At Bethesda, we believe support begins with the individual. We make a difference in the lives of those who choose to receive our support by being an active and involved part of their everyday lives. We get to know their interests and their passions. We work together to identify the services that will best support them through important life decisions including how to live, work and play.

Our goal is to help each person make choices, set goals and enrich their lives so they can live in the home they choose and access the supports they desire. We help them realize a greater sense of independence and a closer connection to their community.


Each person comes to us with a unique vision for the kind of place they want to call home.

Intermittent Support

Through our intermittent support services, people have the opportunity to receive supports that best fit their personalized goals for their life.

Day Programs

We provide opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to build personal and professional skills while connecting with others who share their goals for greater independence.

Faith Supports

We offer faith support that makes it possible for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to become active members of their faith community.

Bethesda College

A Place for You to Grow.

Employment Supports

Through our vocational support services, we help people to discover their strengths and skills that may be used to help realize their full career potential.

Behavior Supports

Bethesda provides access to quality behavior supports from Certified Behavior Analysts to enhance the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.