Bethesda Ambassador moves mission forward

Bethesda Ambassador moves mission forward

Ambassador Emily Dabrow continues to move the mission forward.

The Bethesda Ambassador Program is comprised of active members of their communities that help increase awareness and get even more people involved and excited about the work we do.

As the program continues to evolve, we’re putting the spotlight on current Ambassadors.

Emily Dabrow has a unique connection to Bethesda that started several years ago. Emily’s grandmother started bringing youth from their church, St. John’s Lutheran Church in Orange County, Calif., to Camp Matz in Watertown, Wis. She also created a monthly bible study with Bethesda (formerly Good Shepherd Lutheran Communities) group homes in South Orange County.

Emily was part of these experiences and her involvement with Bethesda only grew over the years. Emily assisted with arts and crafts and helped with group leadership activities. She attended many birthdays, summer BBQs, picnics, church dances, and worshipped alongside people Bethesda supports.

Emily, inspired by her time and work at Camp Matz, started – and currently directs – the Bethesda Summer Bible Program for residents at Bethesda’s group homes in Orange County.

Emily’s talents extend outside of Bethesda as well. She is a graduate of the University of Redlands in Redlands, Calif., and is currently finishing up her Master of Arts in Learning and Teaching. Throughout college, she competed in cross-country and track and enjoyed the sport so much, she became the head track and cross-country coach at Orange High School. Emily takes pride in welcoming students with intellectual and developmental disabilities to her track team, as she believes that everyone deserves to be included.

Becoming an Ambassador for Bethesda was a natural fit for Emily. She can continue her passion for helping others while still serving and working with Bethesda.

If you are inspired by Emily’s story, click here to become a Bethesda Ambassador.