Ambassador Spotlight: Dave Hall

Ambassador Spotlight: Dave Hall

I am an LCMS pastor, having served congregations in Kansas and Colorado over an 18-year span.

I am now the pastor of Mt. Hope Lutheran Church in Boulder, CO. I have also owned and operated an internet marketing agency since December 2015. Throughout my time as a pastor, I have had the pleasure of working with students and adults with a variety of disabilities ranging from Autism to ADD to Down Syndrome.

I was attracted to serve as an ambassador because of Bethesda’s mission to reach out to ALL people. While serving my last congregation I had the pleasure of working with Sue Hart, of Bethesda, to make the congregation aware of some changes that could be made to be more welcoming to more people.

My mother, if she had been born later, would probably have been diagnosed as developmentally disabled. She was very caring yet functioning in life was very challenging for her. My daughter was born 7 weeks early with the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck a couple of times. She too has had her challenges as she has mild non-progressive cerebral palsy and is probably on the Autism-Aspergers spectrum. We have navigated the worlds of occupational therapy, speech therapy, IEP’s, and 504’s as well as seeing her graduate from college with honors with a bachelor’s degree in music.

I enjoy hanging out with my wife for a quiet night at home watching TV or a movie or heading off on an adventurous hike through the Colorado mountains. My son and I like to go snowboarding or skiing. We also enjoy playing games with our daughter and her husband. Connecting with and helping business owners with my digital marketing business is also enjoyable as I get to help them succeed and be a blessing to others.

I am looking forward to working with Mt. Hope to revitalize their long-standing ministry to people with disabilities and reach more people in the Boulder community.