Bethesda Celebrates 115th Anniversary

Bethesda Celebrates 115th Anniversary

Bethesda Celebrates 115th Anniversary

As we celebrate the 115th anniversary of Bethesda in 2019 and as Founder’s Day approaches on April 13, we took a trip back to 1904 when Bethesda was created in Watertown, WI.

Bethesda looked like a very different place. Lutheran charity workers saw the need for an establishment to help children with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Bethesda was born out of this necessity and was lovingly designed to help meet those needs and bring faith into the lives of the people within the home.

We sat down with Reuben Schmitz from Bethesda’s Religious LIfe team and resident historian, for his take on Bethesda’s interesting history and the place it is today.


What was the world like in 1904, the year Bethesda came to be?

What is the most interesting fact about Bethesda’s history? 

Tell us about yourself and why you care about Bethesda’s history.

What is the most common misconception about our history?

How has the role of faith changed, and stayed the same over the years?

What are the biggest changes that have occurred in the industry?

What has stayed the same consistently from 1904 to today?

How has terminology changed?

How has funding changed?

How has Bethesda grown over the years?


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