Santa Comes to Coon Rapids

People Bethesda supports in Coon Rapids, Minn., recently enjoyed a special dinner with Santa Claus. 

Greeting 10 individuals who were waiting anxiously in the living room, Santa visited the first of two nearby homes, announcing his arrival with a great big, “Ho, ho, ho.” He then handed out several different gifts to each person, took photos in front of the “fire place” and enjoyed some delicious pizza.   

Santa’s visit provided a nice “Bethesda welcome” for one person in attendance, says Tawnya Arueya, Minnesota area director. 

“One of the individuals, Dean, had just moved in that day so he was able to enjoy a party on his very first day with Bethesda,” she says. “He was so excited with his presents and was amazed Santa knew what he needed.” 

Santa then continued on his way and met with 12 more people Bethesda supports. After greeting them, he handed out gifts, took photos by the tree and enjoyed yummy cookies and cupcakes.   

“Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time,” Tawnya says. “They were even talking about it the next morning.” 

Read more about the people we support in Coon Rapids, and the Christmas party – a holiday tradition for two decades – they just attended. 



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