Special Pet Receives New Home

The people we support in Caledonia, Michigan, weren’t the only ones to receive home repairs when the Laborers For Christ were renovating their home. 

A furry friend’s cage also received a full renovation!

Larry meets the Laborers

The Mistywood home in Michigan was happy to host the Laborers for Christ during their month-long trip, especially Larry, a man we support. He liked to supervise and spend time outside with the Laborers. On kickoff day, Larry was eager to talk to the Laborers and share stories about his pet rabbit, Jessica Jr.

“It is a lot of work to take care of her but I love it,” Larry said.

Larry takes pride in caring for Jessica Jr., and he is also proud to take on responsibilities around the house and at work. Larry has been working at his janitorial job for a year and has been supported by Bethesda for eight. He refers to his group home as his team and enjoys his experiences, including spending time with the Laborers.

“Everyone here are like my brothers and sisters, I don’t ever want to leave,” Larry said.

 A Surprise Project

The Laborers arrived on May 2 with a full work schedule. They replaced all siding, built a new deck and replaced garage doors. While working, Bob Natzke, Laborers Project Manager, noticed Jessica Jr.’s home could use some repairs.  

Despite a busy agenda, Bob added another project to his list: build a new rabbit cage with Larry.

Together, Bob and Larry spent a whole day renovating Jessica Jr.’s deteriorated cage into a sturdy, new and improved home.

“The new cage really changed my life!” Larry said. “My favorite part was helping Bob put on the doors.”                         


Great Work, Sad Goodbyes

The Laborers left Caledonia on May 31 after completing several large projects.

Larry developed a bond with the Laborers and tears were shed as they headed to a new location. All of the people we support in Caledonia loved having the Laborers at their home and miss their daily morning greetings.

“The Laborers were so great with everyone we support,” said Vickie Willis, Program Manager. “They are a wonderful group of people and we are certainly blessed to have had them here.”

The people we support have great memories and a new deck to remember the Laborers hard work. As for Larry, he proudly shows off Jessica Jr.’s new cage to anyone who visits the Mistywood home.

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