A Secure Future

Derrick Yussuf’s plan was to join the Air Force and later be a police officer.  

Because he has a disability, fulfilling his goal has been a struggle for Derrick, but he has persevered and found satisfaction and success as a security guard. Derrick, who receives employment support through Bethesda, currently works for Signal88 Security in Littleton, Colorado.  

Derrick’s job coach, Cheryl Sasaki, who serves as Community Integrated Employment Manager for Bethesda Lutheran Career Connections in Littleton, says employing a person with disabilities like Derrick has many benefits for companies. 

“It increases the talent pool,” she says. “Hiring the best person for the job is often a person with a disability. Hiring individuals with disabilities can also improve their reputation and increase revenue. Family and friends of the individual will visit the business and will choose to shop at that business.  

“Customers will come back to that business because of the excellent service they received. Opening a door to people with disabilities leads to endless door-after-door-after-door-after-door openings.” 


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