Stock Donations

Stocks, Bonds or Mutual Fund Donations

Thank you for considering a stock donation to Bethesda Lutheran Communities. Your generosity sends the message to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities that you believe in them. Below is the information you will need when transferring your stock donation:

These instructions are commonly referred to as DTC Transfer Requests 

Firm Name: Merrill Lynch
DTC Number: 5198
Client Account Title: Bethesda Lutheran Foundation
Client Account Number: 692-02258

 *If a donor wishes to transfer their entire account, additional requirements are necessary based on the type of account that will be opened.

 Merrill Lynch/the Visionary Wealth Management Team
Mike Busick 866-224-3154 (
Jill Perock 866-224-3163 (

Upon completion of the transaction, contact Merrill Lynch or Bethesda Lutheran Communities to confirm your donation and ensure prompt acknowledgement of your gift.

If you or your broker need additional information, please feel free to contact Bethesda at 1-800-383-8743, ext. 9233 or email

 Bethesda Lutheran Communities, Inc.
600 Hoffmann Dr.
Watertown, WI 53094