Bethesda works with every person we support to help them live the life they want.

Their life. Our life’s work.

At Bethesda, everything comes down to quality—doing the best for the people we support. We work to help them realize their hopes, dreams and desires. That’s when we know we’ve done our job.


How do we know what each person wants? We ask them, and, together we make a plan to get them there.



For each person, those goals are different. Ricky, in Wisconsin, wanted to move out of an institutional setting and into a home in his community. James, in Colorado, wanted to grow a vegetable garden. Malcolm, in Illinois, wanted to play in a basketball tournament.


While Bethesda works with each person we support to help them achieve their goals, the accomplishments are uniquely their own. Malcolm and his team earned second place in the basketball tournament. James is growing tomatoes in his backyard. Ricky moved into a home he shares with roommates he chose.


Bethesda helps them every step of the way, but the people we support are the ones who made decisions, took action and reached their goals.


Bethesda uses tools developed by The Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL), as well as frequent surveys of the people we support and their parents and guardians, to uphold this commitment. Bethesda asks the people we support and their parents and guardians to rate their experiences around certain areas of their life.


Quality is central in everything we do at Bethesda.